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What is PayMixPro

The digital payment solution for organisations looking for an effective and trustworthy transaction partner.

PayMix Pro is a faster, transparent and efficient way for businesses to transact. Offering an agile alternative to the classic business bank account. PayMix Pro is operated by Paymix Ltd., a fully MFSA licensed financial institution. Paymix Pro uses multiple pay out solutions and latest fin-tech ideas to enable quicker (at most times instant) movements of funds across currencies and borders. Due to it’s inherently transparent nature, transacting with a PayMix Pro account is safe, secure and trusted.

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Who are we

PayMix Pro is being operated by banking veterans with experiences in corporate banking, treasury and cross border payment industries.

Paymix Ltd. was formed in Malta and received its license from Malta Financial Services Authority in 2015.

The company went under restructuring during 2018 in order to provide multiple solutions across financial industry. It has been managed by banking veterans from different disciplines.

The company provides account, payments, card issuing / acquiring and KYC solutions under 3 brands (PaymixPro, Prospero, Veloxxa)

We’re here for those who play by the rules.

PaymixPro operates in highly regulated jurisdictions with distinct Business Risk lines mandated by the Board of Directors. All transactions are being monitored and scrutinized rigorously.

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