Next Gen Account  

The PayMix Corporate Account offers you more than just a simple account

About Us

Paymix Ltd ("PayMix") was formed in 2012 and incorporated as private limited liability company in Malta (Company registration number: C.55838)
PayMix is being operated by banking veterans leading to draw on their experiences in banking, prepaid card white labelling solutions and company service provider ("CSP") industries.
This wealth of knowledge and understanding created through hands-on experience together with the executive team extensive experienced in banking, payment systems, card solutions, compliance, finance and information technology enabled PayMix to develop its own portal solution designed around the needs of a business customer.
Our vision is to become one of the leading online account and card payment providers for business customers and other programme managers looking for a co-branding and/or white labelling solution.
To achieve this vision, we are committed to provide:
 A universal payment solution that will enable its products to be reachable anywhere, anytime and on any device;
 A simple, convenient and cost-effective means of payment;
 Trust and security; and
 Cutting edge innovation making the Company's products the customers' preferred choice.

Solutions for your Business

Business Account

An alternative to the traditional business banking account, enabling you to make and receive payments.

Card Solutions

Multiple prepaid business cards to be used by your senior executives or employees for company expenses.

Web Portal

Access to our corporate web portal enables you to manage your Business account and prepaid cards.

Sepa Payments

Make one-off EURO SEPA payments.

International € Payments

Make one-off EURO payments to another bank account outside the Eurozone or SEPA using the SWIFT network.

Request Payments

Send payment requests to your clients and have the funds deposited directly to your account.

E-Wallet transfers

Make/receive transfers to/from other Paymix Pro e-wallet accounts.

Bank transfers

Request bank transfers from other bank accounts held in your name.

Request payment from Credit/Debit Card

Request payments from credit /debit cards issued by other credit institutions/issuers.

Request Payments raised through our portal

Request Payments raised through our portal.

Load through Credit/Debit Cards

Load your account through your credit/debit card issued by other credit institutions/issuers.

Other payment methods

Request other payment methods available in your country of residence.