PayMix Pro Solutions

Business Account

The PayMix Pro Account has been designed as an alternative cost-effective payment solution to your traditional business banking account.

With PaymixPro account; you will have online access to your account, dedicated IBANs under your name, corporate Debit Cards (Mastercard), SEPA transfers, payment options in 60+ currencies and multiple user access.

In order to provide you the fastest and most competitive solutions Paymix Pro partnered and integrated with many different solution providers around the globe.

Straight through application process

Fast and responsive account application process.

Quick payment processing time

All transfer orders are executed electronically. E-wallet transfers (e.g. salary transfers) are settled instantly.

Payout in multiple currencies

Payments could be executed in 60+ currencies. Foreign Exchange rates are provided by third party providers at near market rates.

PayMix Pro Account allows

SEPA Payments

You can make EURO SEPA payments. Paymix Pro has direct access to SEPA payment network.

  • Make payments to a third-party recipient through SEPA Credit Transfers and Electronic Fund Transfer.
  • Process EUR bulk payment towards multiple beneficiaries by simply uploading payment files to the portal.
All payments will be issued on the same day if received before 16:00 CET on a business day.

Payments received after 16:00 CET or will be issued on the following business day.

International Payments

You can make international payments via Paymix Pro infrastructure.

  • Paymix Pro is part of Ripple net and active in XRP
  • Paymix pro is also connected to various local payment solutions in different jurisdictions.
All payments will be processed on the same day if received before 13:00 CET on a business day

Payments received after 13:00 CET or on a day that is not a business day in Malta and/or the country of out counterpart bank will be issued on the following business day.

Payment Requests

You can send payment requests to your clients and have the funds deposited directly to your Business Account.

  • Request bank transfers from your clients directly
  • Fund your account by Credit/Debit cards issued by other credit institutions/issuers.
  • Instant transfers to/from other PayMix Pro and iPaymix E-Wallet accounts

Load through Credit/Debit cards issued in your name by other credit institutions/issuers will be made available on the same business day.

Transfers for other PayMix Pro E-Wallet accounts will be credited to your Business account on the same business day.

Payments through Bank Transfers will be credited to your Business Account on the following working day after funds are received by Finance Incorporated Limited.

Get your payment account in 2 weeks

Subject to corporate structure and terms and conditions.

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Prepaid Card

As a Business customer you have the option to order multiple prepaid business cards.

The Paymix Pro Card is a reloadable prepaid debit card. It is to be used in conjunction with your business account. The prepaid cards bring flexibility and accountability to your day -to day corporate spending.

Instant Funds Loads

You can instantly load funds from your Business Accounts directly to your prepaid card/s at no cost

No Interest

Cards are issued in Euro and will not incur any interest on any funds loaded or spend thereon

Multiple Cards

You can order multiple Business cards to be used by senior executives or employees for business expenses

Funds can be accessed online and offline

Freedom to access your funds online and offline any time and anywhere a MasterCard is accepted

Works also with Contactless Terminals

All cards are issued with magnetic stripe, chip and pin and contactless RFID

Mastercard Security Protocols

All issued cards are enrolled in 3D Secure & biometric authentication and all transactions are analysed for fraud and theft. The biometrical authenticator application can be downloaded from iOS and Android Play Store

Business Portal

Access to the card management system with detailed transaction reporting per card and ability to block and activate cards through the Business Portal

Cost Control

Cards can have different limits for different functions. Corporates can at their discretion block or unblock cards and load the cards on ad hoc basis.

Create your own Prepaid Card Programme

If you would like to increase your brand’s value, create a prepaid card programme for your client base and increase loyalty:

Branded Cards

Design your own card and portal theme to your clients

Customer Due Diligence

Let your clients verify their identity by account opening process and eliminate fraud and foul play.

No Credit Limits and Risks

All card spending must be prepaid.

Create New Revenue Channel

A card programme could create a new revenue channel for your business whilst increasing your customers loyalty to your brands.


For more information please contact with

Web Portal

You will have access to our web portal whereby you can manage your Account and Prepaid card(s).

The web portal may be tailor made in a manner that it can be accessible by multiple users within the authorisation rights and/or limits in accordance with your Corporate Signatory or Authorisation Policy thus ensuring proper segregation of duties and a four-eye principle. The web portal is embedded with dual user authentication measures for log-in and payment processing for your security peace of mind.

We’re here for those who play by the rules.

PaymixPro operates in highly regulated jurisdictions with distinct Business Risk lines mandated by the Board of Directors. All transactions are being monitored and scrutinized rigorously.

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